Xeriscaping Services In Central Austin Texas

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Xeriscaping Services in Texas: Proudly Serving Austin and the Entire Lone Star State 

Xeriscaping is one of the terms you never think about until you need it. In fact, many who don’t live in more arid or dryer climates haven’t even heard the term. For residents of Texas, however, xeriscaping can very quickly become a necessity. In a drought-prone state like Texas, it’s important that you have landscaping options that require as little irrigation and water-focused maintenance as possible Lonestar Landscaping understands this; and we’re ready to help you discover the best, most attractive and lowest-maintenance options. 

What Type of Xeriscaping Services Do You Need?

Lonestar Landscaping strives to strike the perfect balance between maximum results and minimal effort when it comes to maintenance of your xeriscaping project. We want to provide turnkey, hassle-free solutions so you can enjoy your outdoor area without wasting time, effort or water. We offer a full menu of services, including but not limited to: 

  • Excavation and Preparation
  • Helping with Selection of Water-Efficient Plants 
  • Maintenance
  • Whatever Irrigation Is Required 
  • Hardscaping and Rockscaping 

Whether you need help developing a visual concept or have your exact layout in mind, our experts are ready to help you get it all done. 

Why Xeriscaping?

The reality is that water is scarcer than we may realize. Property owners are increasingly looking for ways to minimize water waste and develop more environmentally friendly landscaping concepts to suit their needs and awareness. Lonestar Landscaping knows better than anyone how important it is to put values top of mind when designing your home or business’ exterior space, and we’re here to help you cut the waste. 

We will help you choose the right plants, improve your soil quality and make the best use of your allocation water. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate on xeriscaping services in Texas.