Excavation Services In Central Austin Texas

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Excavation Services in Texas: What You Need to Know 

Excavation is often a critical part of the landscaping process for both commercial and residential properties. It’s important to partner with an organization that can do the job safely, effectively and with the right level of experience. Lone Star Landscaping is ready to help you with your property’s excavation needs, no matter how big or small they may be. The reality is that, without the right Texas excavation services provider, things can get pretty messy and expensive very quick. We are standing by to help you with you every stage of the excavation process, including permitting, equipment operation, planning and more. 

What’s Involved in the Excavation Process?

The cost and scope of excavation projects vary. Whether you need to dig up a spot in your yard for some tree-planting or you need some major uprooting a designated area of your commercial property for a large-scale reimagining of your landscaping, We are ready to help. Our comprehensive excavation services include: 

  • Earth Excavation – Removal of the layer of soil immediately under the topsoil and on top of rock. 
  • Muck Excavation – Removal of material containing excessive amounts of water and unwanted soil. 
  • Unclassified Excavation – Removal of any muck, soil, dirt or debris that’s impeding growth. 

We start the process by determining the exact scope of your excavation needs, and to figure out schedule, budget and other critical components of the project. From there, we will ascertain the easiest way to go and complete the project with minimal disruption to your everyday life and routine. Our experts are fully trained in excavation vehicle operation and we’re ready to get to work for you. This is not a processed that should be left to amateurs. Contact the team at Lone Star Landscaping to schedule your estimate and get the ball rolling on your project.